Hi, my name is Marek!

I have a passion for people and pixels.

Fundamentally a visual designer, I discovered my focus in web and mobile product design. I’m a team player with a strong sensibility for UI motion, practiced HTML & CSS skills, and an affinity for clean, user-centered solutions.

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SnakeZebra what?

SnakeZebraElephant logo sketching

What is Snake Zebra Elephant?

My last name contains nine letters with only two vowels (“E” and “I”) and a pseudo vowel (“Y”). It is difficult to sound out, let alone spell. When I spell my last name to people over the phone, I like to use Snake – Zebra – Elephant to help.

“S” as in Snake, “Z” as in Zebra, “E” as in Elephant, “S” as in Snake, “Z” as in Zebra, “Y”, “C”, “K”, “I”
- and/or -
Snake, Zebra, Elephant, Snake, Zebra, Y, C, K, I