Hi, my name is Marek!

I have a passion for people and pixels.

Fundamentally a visual designer, I discovered my focus in web and mobile product design. I’m a team player with a strong sensibility for UI motion, practiced HTML & CSS skills, and an affinity for clean, user-centered solutions.

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Best Buy App
Best Buy App
Best Buy App
Best Buy App

Best Buy App

AlphaHome Connected Home App

My Role: Contract Art Director/Designer/Illustrator
The team included a Creative Director and client project leads for the Business Development, Account, Developer, Management and Media teams.

Best Buy may be the leader in the electronic device market, but to keep up with the changing technologies and the innovative connectivity Best Buy  is embracing a connections strategy. We presented AlphaHome Connected Home App to get consumers on a faster path to a more connected home. I lead the design, illustrated a storyboard and directed pieces of this presentation with a business development team.

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